7 comments on “Thought of the day! November 22, 2013

  1. Eventually, yes.

    Even how much lies you’ve build on top of another, one day, everything will topple down and you’re forced to come clean. It will, however, be very unpleasant to know of the truth about the lies.

    Even if you start it off as a white lie or what some will call a so-called-innocent lie, once you get caught in the whirlwind of having to lie to cover for the past lie, you are a liar, whether you want to admit it or not.

    It’s more about whether you can fight with your conscience because partly, you want to apologise and tell the truth, but, part of you is afraid of the consequences and hoping that the problem will just fade away, or you’ve gone so far in lying that you think that you might as well just keep going with it. Yet, forgetting that some day, the truth has to be told and you have to face it.

    The longer you take to clear it up, the worse the effect will be. Your life, your choice. 🙂

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