Crow’s Blood Spills!


Welcome to the library of poetry or as the top of the page states, Ranting Crow’s Blood Spills.
Each of the following four pictures represents a category leading you further into the depths of what is the Crow’s brain, heart, soul and its blood spills. Every poem written is a piece of the Crow and shows his different sides, just be sure to watch for the sharp edges.

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Writer’s Fantasy: A selection of poetry inspired by the pictures and the simplest of words. Letters and words flowing in harmony to come together as a piece representing what I think is a writer’s mind. Writing in itself is poetry and how ever expressed it becomes art the moment it is read. The picture used is one who inspired one of the most beautiful pieces written.
It is called: Writer’s Ballerina!


Love & Life: From the darkest corners of his soul and depths of his heart comes every emotion that was submerged in either joy or sorrow. Each smile and tear that soaked into the words can be read here. Tales of depression and great times. the high and lows of a life and its self reflecting images of one Crow. So care to walk on the edge of sanity and his join him in self discovery of his inner soul. the picture inspired on of the poems of life and how I walked each and every day.
It is called: One step at a time!


Sensual & Erotic: I to have a naughty side and this is just another way of expressing these desires. A lust for the eye and mind is nothing more than a carnal emotion to devour the flesh in a state of bliss.
Drawn into shadows I shine a light to guide you to your table, so you can feast on the words becoming the flesh to sooth your appetite with seductive passion. The picture inspired just one of many suggestive poems.
It is called: In Submission!


Miscellaneous & Unsorted: The last in line are those poems I wrote in state of fun or darkness. Playing with ideas to scrabble with words and new forms. They came to be a spur of the moment from unexpected inspirations. May it have been a word, picture or challenge just like the picture inspired to write about a delicate issue.
It is called: Broken Innocents!
This piece made it became obvious to me it is not always easy to write about something that draws out so much fear, anger and sadness. It came from someone very close to me.
If you think any of the following would fit in earlier mention section feel free to let me know.


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