The awards given to me to boast my esteem up a little. Now please if an award is already on this page, would you please keep from giving it again.

Lovely Blog Award!
Shehanne Moore a writer of erotic or should I say historical romance novels gave me this award. She pretty much has been here from a very early day. You can find her blog at the following destination. shehannemoore or her creation Lady Fury.
CeeLee is a reader of my blog with Adult ADHD. She is a fun person with a wicked sense of humour and writing style. So jump on in her Adult pool for a swim at the following location. Swim in the adult pool
This award was also given to me by Blliteration, a wonderful young creative writer. I may have a wrong picture but it was a Liebster award. Her blog ‘All Alliteration‘ is like a box of cholcolates.
Mountain or Molehills a blog written by a single Dad. Ranting and story telling about everyday live. Read about  his struggles and happy moments. Find his mountain in a maze of molehills here. Mountain or molehills
Icesabel  is a die hard gamer and IT lady who gave me this award. She is a great artist with Photoshop. She deals with the bugs in the software called life. I just think she rocks so give her a visit at her Icesabel!
Getting on top. A wonderful blog from a lady with a free and artistic spirit. Writing and doing art her way of being creative. Caring and admirable mum always trying to help others. Give her a visit sometime at Gettingontop.
XMilady Shehanne Moore has given me this award because of the content of my blogs. I am for one very pleased to hear this. to have people reading me. Thought I started this blog for me. I thank you.
Laura A. Lord was the one who awarded me this Liebster. She a woman, wife and mother with a good sense of humour and that shows in her writing. Give her a visit at History of a Woman. You won’t regret it.
Another version was also given to me by Lady Fury.
liebsterawardTosha Michelle from the beautiful blog ‘Everything I never Told You‘ was the one who nominated me for this award. She’s a woman, a Southern Belle if you will with a free spirit that has a lot of Pizazz. She is a musician with a fantastic voice and author, a Versatile lady who doesn’t back down easily when it comes to evolving her way of thinking.
I can’t forget little Dorian who also had nominated me before.

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