Writer’s Fantasy!

Welcome to My Writer’s Fantasy.

A page dedicated to the blood spills of a Crow, into a world of a writer’s delight and strange conceptions.
To me it is about art in some form or way.
Using words to show you the fantasy and universe my writer’s heart and soul dwells in.

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Writer’s Ballerina! Art of Women! Writer’s Universe!

On virgin sheets
she dances

Thrived by music…

Her body is like a statue
a Venus De Milo


With a full macrocosm.

Cursed are the sink holes
that swallow up my memories
play with the suggestions
and create chaos…

Endless Walk! My Dragon! Dreaming up Reality!
I got lost while on my way.

Drawn across the street
by a bewitching scent
Floated on sweetness…

Come meet my dragon
a fierce looking pet
the best friend
a guardian, warrior
keeping hold of my past…
Through the veils of night
come the vision of you
Shown upon by starry lights
glistening the water of the lake
dressing your body with care…
A Muse in Red! Inescapable Time! The Poet, The Muse!
What better muse

Than the one reading

Your story…

Another year in the passing
time fleeting not so much faster
unbalancing perception
pulling pieces of us
our memories …
Images emerge
onto blanc pages
words written
in consecutive
rhythmic sequences…
Dreaming Drunk! Insomniac State! My Fantasy!
Never do I leave
my dreams
to be with you
and so here I sit
having a drink…
The burn
in my eyes
desert sand
them dry …
Staring out the window
looking over the court
rain creating a fresco
of blurred colours
and fractured light…
Harlequin! Demon Child! The Guarding Door!
Storm of a bitter noise
coming from the rampant liar
on my days of revival
Caverns of the vestige
by the thief’s consumption…
From dark abyss
I have risen
unlike the phoenix
I am cloaked in ash
Hung up
strung together
with iron bars.
Build with a lock
in to your warm
wooden core…
Creating Worlds! A Fool’s Poetry! Bike Ride!
I create worlds


Unseen to people

Trying so hard
to share my feelings
the words
that make sense
running naked …
to go faster
the race is on
with his own shadow.
Words Unknown! Scattered! Chaos!
Letters make words
In their special order
Words create sentence
mixed the right way
sentences build stories …
Keeping on the right

Fantasies abide

of my scattered mind

Fractured realism
Unordered boom
We search for answers…
Fluttering in Silence! Roar of the Flames! A Place in Silence!
Why is there your silence
roaring across the oceans
creating waves
on the seas
so high …
Roar of the flames
Dance across the Floor
your heat an embrace
kissing my skin
with a hiss …
Is (also) where we begin
First sounds exploding
beats of a heart
breaking through silence
Familiarity growing …
Bubble Brain! Sensing Nature! Painting the World!
In the middle of nothing
looking left and right
as far as my eyes can reach
With eyes closed


I feel my way…

If you had a brush,

Would you paint

Paint the world…

Nature’s Song! Keys of Imagination! Lost Dance!
Rain trickling a melody
The beat you stomp with the feet
Words spoken through wet lips
A Simple song of nature
fingers a little curved
moving fast across
the black and white keys
with little strokes…
Across wooden Floor
an ageless example
of love
together with my love…
Times a Twisting! Proud Year Round! In midst of Stars!
Feet are wet from standing in a puddle
surrounded by trees this open field.
Gentle breeze to cool you face
this warm summer day
Spring time cometh
dancing in mild winds
growing a pretty green
with your arms wide
fruits of your labour…
You just keep on ticking

With no care in the world

Never looking back…

My True Form! Halloween Hunt! Blood Crow!
Sitting on a pillar
Looking out over town
Came down like an angel
With a little devil inside
I can almost smell
the iron of the
crimson river
that soon will
When there is
empyreal radiance
Of the divine
there is the
Fragment Friday! My Poetry! I have a Dream!
Bits and pieces

here and

There …

Poetry lives
only but a second
in the writers heart
spoken transcripts
This might just be me sharing a reverie
a question to join and sign
friendships sacrosanct contract.

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