Love & Life!

Welcome to Love & Life.

A page dedicated to the heartaches, memories and self discovery of a Crow. Love and Life, two worlds intertwined to be one continuous journey and expose our weaknesses and strengths.
To me it is about creating a new day to be remembered tomorrow.
I try to understand the ‘Me’ during this journey of ‘Self’ with my own heart and soul.

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Abandoned Truth! Fading Away! One step at a time!
Truth concealed

by lies produced.

In our moments

of sorrow and pain…

Fading is the image
of the man I was
souls embers consumed
in hollowed eyes
colours turn to grey…
One step at a time
always a foot
stepping down
in a grave
Searching Hreat! Forgive Me!! Love Insanity!
The wondering thought
if it was the feeling I loved,
or love it self.
To love what she made me feel
but if that is not love…
Incapable to forget
the thing that’s done.
a death of a friend
unable to be undone
can’t wash the blood …
In a maze of answers
the questions haunt me
have me loose my direction
moving forward I search of an exit
that’s hidden by the entrance.
The Pond! Hanging Myself! Time!
My life a pond
calm and smooth
mirroring surface
holding the stars
with bright lit moon…
I want to
hang myself.

Strung together
by the stitches

In time lies sorrow
of what is left behind
Tears marked the trail
trampled by our foot steps.
Alone I bear! One Second Memory! Silent Serenade!
Alone I bear
this weight
of tortures
the gnarling…
I did not see you coming
my mind was in a blur,
occupied by business
life’s become a slur.
Some songs

Cannot be sung

So I sing

My serenade…

The Real Me! Diamond Heart! Life’s Coat!
Peel away the layers
of the person I am today
rip apart my body
to lay bare the truth in play
Have you seen this part of me?
I think it may get lost.
Or am I just to blind to see
this facet of the heart
I been around
a many years
wearing just
this single coat

Adrift! Anger! Life in a Bottle!
Sucked away thoughts
a black hole emerging
cavity of emptiness
drained my skull
ideas fleeing …
Taken away in darkest times
hope became a fear
running in frustration
the mind in chaos
and at war…
Numbing the moment
numbing the pain.

Poison intake
intoxicating mind

Imperious! I am Humankind! Feeling the Scars!
What have we become to
what do we have to show
other than the hate we nurture
have our imperious grow
Arrogant we taught others …
Infect those around with smiles and love

Ancient rituals like war with sparrow
Misinterpreted to have a victor

How am I doing,
You’re asking.

I’m okay as you can see
no cuts

Treasure Chest! Birth of a Tear! Life’Lesson!
The greatest treasure
Hidden within a chest

One that does not need
A key to unlock or open

Worldly perceptions
changes us when
you show your glare….
Not an eraser in here
will be good enough
to erase my past…
Behind the Mask! Dark Secret Within! Secrets Untold!
Behind a mask that smiles.


Voices in my head

From within the darkness

nails scratching at the flesh

Growls hungry for blood

How can one speak

– When words are the secret

How can one express

Fear’s my Dance Partner! Midnight Dance! Slice of Life!
Fear is my dance partner
During the night and days
Keeping me on my toes
Moving on a symphony
Of nature created music …
One step forward
two steps back
Like a flame dancing
light on its feet
swaying through darkness …
Deep within soul
I hunger
For time long gone
Mirroring Self! Cracked Self! Distorted Mirror!
I watched you
from the other side
of the mirror
from a world
beyond believe
Not always honest with who I am

Hiding fragments of my true self

What magic is needed to light the dark

Are you real
the person I see
why is the view
different for me
Writing a Dance! Sunken Heart! Memories Revisited!
Oh my gosh
I want to dance
dance with me,
I ask you.
Teach me how to step.
Do you hear me
vanishing footsteps
in wet sand
They are made from happiness
or born out of pain

Lying around to haunt your spirits
or make you cry in vain …

Dying Wish! Drowning in Liquid! Why shouldn’t I!
Will you become
the death
of me!

Glorious elegance …

It is not a rare sight
being Stygian self unlike
string puppet of society
I gaze down a glass of razorwine …
Stretching the hands
to feel your cold skin
I freeze in position,
vocal cords cut
from shock …
I Failed You! My Dystopia! The Crumbling Wall!
I lost you
seen you
grow up …
Here in this dystopian world
centre of what used to be
glass towers and residents
I feel the eyes piercing …
With eyes shut I stare
at the wall before me
fingers trace the words
of past memories …
Sky Children! Hello, Goodbye! Heart of My Soul!
Our tongues
are not speechless
our voices
will sound loud …


Who are you again?
You look the same …

I am scared
to stare into my mind,
to find past images
at its chaotic centre. …
Stalker Valentine! Your Canvas! Who to be!
Pardoning my language
and use of words.

Written from the corners …

I am a painting
crafted upon
pure white canvas.
In sturdy nickel frame …
Out faces
had names once
now only numbers
zeros and ones. …

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