About the Ranting Crow



About the Ranting Crow

The Crow is a simple man who picks his brains and spills them across his blog. Blood turning into ink, his Clawed Feather moves around by heart and body forming the words. The various Brain Spills consist of Rants. Opinions, Thoughts, Stories and even some Poetry.

Writing in a language that is not native to him he uses the most simple form his little brain can process to share with you his Writer’s Universe. To learn, teach and share in the many forms a writer has to its disposal.

Rants are a lengthy write that flip up a coin and show the three sides it is made off. There is no right or wrong in these opinions and thought other than the ones shared by you. He uses the thoughts and comments to learn and change his view of the world accordingly. The concept is to listen share and learn about news or other subjects that racked his brain. No need be afraid to join in as he wants to pick your brain.

Thoughts of the day are just that. Short and powerful ideas that are like rants to learn and pick each others brains. Do you have a thought, share it.

Stories the Crow writes are of different origins. One of the most occurring one is his Sensual Sunday. A spicy tale for a boring Sunday. Keeping them short for a fast read. Next to these there are irregular fictional stories that are stuck onto the page. Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Mystery are but a few forms he challenges himself to write.
In order to keep them short the use of chapters is a given. You may find these at the ‘Crow’s Nest’.

When it is Poetry he is just the Crow using the same simple language of his own heart and soul.

If you feel like following the Crow you can Fly with him across the net. The blood drops show you places he may visit or are just used for the convenience of sharing the newly written Brain Spills.
Would one like to send him a message, you can at any given moment and time. So don’t be shy and Fly with him! Press the link for more information. ‘Fly with the Crow’

Best of wishes and lots of reading fun.

The Ranting Crow.

Checkout my other page where I try to write a story. It is called Ben-toes.
Most stories are as when written a first time. So raw, without any polishing.

42 comments on “About the Ranting Crow

    • It turned out to be rants, news, stories and even poetry. Just enjoy to write. And provoke thinking.
      Happy to see you enjoying my words as a fellow writer. It is a well appreciated comment. I thank you.

  1. Dear Ranting Crow,
    I’m Delighted to have You following my site. Welcome Aboard. Please fasten your seat belt, this ride may get bumpy.
    Your New Friend, and Follower

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    • It warms my heart to know I am thought of.
      I am doing great no rain here and its ia day of party here 😀
      Thank you and a big HI back.
      May all be well with you

  5. I just wanted to drop in and give you another thanks for joining my Suicide awareness poetry challenge this month.

    You may not know it, but simply by participating you have earned a badge. So I am attaching the link to it. Some people add it to their about pages, or in their sidebars on the award page or elsewhere, while others use them for promoting the event and spreading the word.

    Shrink it to fit your needs. Thank you!

    Your site is visually stunning!


  6. Hello, Crow, thanks for the follow! I look forward to seeing what you have here. And crows are a favorite of mine. 🙂 So naturally, I’ve written some poems about them. Cheers! Em

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