Sensual & Erotic!

Welcome to Sensual & Erotic.

Away from the light, it glows dim in the shadows. A hunger for the flesh in the most passionate way.
The arousing display of steamy images and fantasy come to life and step forward into the illuminated words.

The Crow’s thirst and carnal behaviour is on display in these creations.

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Defiance! Enraptured! Fire & Ice!
Subjected to My will
struggle in arrogance
fulfilling the satisfaction
from your defying means
boundaries pushed further…
Beneath the skin
the flesh is burning
with a desire to set
the moment on fire
bones crumbling…
Eyes on prey
wallowed lewd.

Chilling the gaze
of lusting eyes.

Rope Art! Rope Surrender! Work of Art!
Through the bight
a honey scent
endlessly flows
in warm embrace …
The bitter end
tassels tickle
uncovered pink.

The crown robust

I hunger the flesh
under my finger tips
carved and marked
bonded …
In Submission! Your Desires, Forever Mine! Let Me, Give Me!
You softly.

hands around.

Crave while you wait for the pleasures unleashed.
Ache when I make you wait for more.
Your desires are
let me lay you down in silence

close your eyes and hear

how my voice become your guidance

Leading You! Pleasure Bound! Becoming Mine!
Don’t touch
not yet
just hold
your thought
Let me …

– Squirming


Your naughty sins a blessing
as they show themselves.
Come forth night and day
Addressing them
with a loving caring vigour.
Saint to My Sins! Forged in Submission! Her Desires Answered!
No more choices to make
only rules to break
being commanded
through the mind….
My urges growing
lingering desires
take command.

But you are unwary

Tell me I’m your baby
and that will be enough for me
Tell me I’m enough for you.

Will you give me all…

My dance With You! The Inner Demon! Crow’s Tango!
A magic spell
being cast
in the form of
this dance.
You can hear it
can’t you

You can hear Me

I am the one…

She holds the keys
to unlock the hearts
of those who seek bliss
in her angelic presence!
Minx! Will you be Mine? Making Love!
Suffocate me
with sizzling kisses
take my breath
suppress my longing
In your eyes.

I seek devotion!

In your actions.

And night time’s falling

Dawn, lightyears away

Advances to uncover

Drowning in Bliss! Whispers! Reading!
She is like an ocean.
The flow of water
graceful curling over
and floating down
Listen silently.

Swallow slowly.

The words,

Curvature of back
fitted inside the palm
of the clasping hand
skin laid spread

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