Fly with The Crow!


Flying with the Ranting Crow!

Across the world I left a trail of Blood in the places I visited.
Or you could just send me a message.

The information will guide you during your flight with the necessary information a single click away.
Do not expect anything fancy, you decide if you want to fly with me and join me in these trees.
Links are given or just click on the image the are linked as well.

Twitter: Well I got an account yeah me. Used very little I can say. Updates shown of my post on here and an occasional CAW from this silly old Crow. You can find me at @Rantingcrow. Or just press the image to get redirected. So feel free to join me in this little tree and have it grow bigger.

Facebook: Yeah have that one to. Same as with the twitter though keeping those who wants to be kept up to date of what I do here. Other than writing on here I do very little with the internet. But I leave the choice to you. You may find me at Ranting Crow or click the image to be redirected. Feel free to join me in this tree and have it grow bigger.

Google+: Well they just a stubborn bunch. Working on getting things up on that. So give me some time to get this page up and running. Not sure as of yet, how it will work or what I will do with it. Just bare with me. Soon as it is up I will update this page with a  link. So check back again soon And fingers crossed. RantingCrow Google+ page.

Linkedln: My latest found tree to connect. It is up and working, but still need a lot of work. Do you already feel like joining me in this tree feel free to add me at the following link. Just like the one above it is a work in progress and need to sit down to take a look at it. One does want it to be perfect or close to.

Message: And for those who say No Way will I participate in those. I can understand. Would one rather send me a message than you can always use a pigeon to send me a message. I can hear you think what if he does not answer. I will and that is a promise as an honourable Crow.

*Your email address will not be used or sold for any kind of promotions or advertisements.
The only use is for me, The Ranting Crow, to send you a reply.

Thank you for stopping by.

Best Wishes
Ranting Crow

3 comments on “Fly with The Crow!

  1. I don’t like flying, although I do quite a bit of it…lol How’s about I follow you instead! 🙂

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