Miscellaneous & Unsorted!

Welcome to Miscellaneous & Unsorted!.

A page filled with miscellaneous fun or darkness. Playing with ideas, scrabble with words or quirky forms born from a crazy idea or prompts. They came to be in the spur of the moment.
Watch out for the dark corners of a madman’s soul or touch the social issue on display. Twisted forms and crazy ideas all come together on this page.

If you think any of the following would fit in an earlier mention section feel free to let me know.

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Hurt! Distilled in silence! Broken Innocents!
All wounds
heal over time
plethora of fear

Words deluge

Distilled in silence
a break of the heart
in a single beat.
Escapes a roar
filled with suffer…
“A silent moon
Of cries in the night
Suffocated by pillow
I Forget! Be Bop Tee Bop! Star Wars!
I can’t remember
what happened then,
a year ago.
One black hole
of forgotten…
He was singing
out on the street
Yeah he was swinging
tapping his dancing feet
vast …
Blood,Sweat&Tears! Present History! World’s People!
Blood sweat and tears
from the ancestors
who build this land
to what it is today
Undiscovered it lay hidden
truth of men
between layers of dirt
and the present
What kind of mistakes
Have I made
we made
to find me in despair
blinded …
Nameless Faces! White Flag! Crow Does Haiku!
Nameless they roam
amongst us
unseen or not seen
we pass each day
faces hidden …
The struggles
by unnatural
course of life
ending up fighting
Waterfall descend
Clatter, rhythm of rivers heart
Ascends natures breath.
Loss! Mountain Village! Epic Fantasy!
A puddle in the making
between naked feet
ripples grow larger
tickling along the side
Until they die out …
Hills filled
with pastel coloured
drops of rainbow
in a field of green
As the myth
has been written
in ancient scriptures
buried in the lands
Mirroring a Mother! Old Barn! Hasty Words!
Multi talented
We care for you
even when we are sick
We are so many
and you see just one …
What memories you hold oh rotting wood
of once so proud barn.
What have you been holding in ancient times
Hasty words
found in tranquil space
Speak of true emotions
Rivers of tears
they have cried …
A Smile! First Kill! The Monarch!
A smile
to hide my pain
a laugh
to outcry
my screams …
Warm flesh
cold steel

See the skin bounce …

Like autumn leaves
oranges and reds
falling from trees
in the early spring
Tough Liquid! Your Shades of Blue! Growing of Blue!
You are so hard
to cut through
with this body of flesh
Yet you falter
at keeping it
Drifting through the darkness
watching bubbling lights
A pale blue wavering white
blend together within my sights
So cute when you are little
made from morning dew
rolling down a green leaf
With a splash you fall
sparkling in morning sun…
Christmas Duck! Warm Winter! Sweet Apple!
ooh delicious
dark soft breast
how I long to have you
curves like a tear
you finally meet my edge …
Formed by icy winds
from the north
created mirror of black
under blue
Looking so dull and beaten
Your skin blend red and green,
upside down with your crown
I do not mind to rub you to sheen
My First Time! Roasted,Hot&Creamy! Happy Birthday!
Afraid I stand to wait
to let me fall
for the first time
into the depths
filled with wetness …
Feeling your hot crunchy skin

Against my velvety wet lips

Your hard steamy surroundings

It has been many a years
I lived by your side
many a times we held hands
and cried a tear together
Cooking Magic! Hairless Hare! Puppy Eyes!
A roll of thunder

A bolt of light

Laughing evil

The heir to the land of air
Is a hare who lost his hair
Together with his friends there
they’re climbing their winding stair
Do not look at me
with those puppy eyes
filling up with watery tears
that roll down a spoken path