Crow’s Nest!

Welcome to the Crow’s Nest.
A personal library of the writer to store all his written stories. All stories here are free to read. One can read as much as they like. There are different sections to be found, And each section hold a number of stories or parts to a bigger whole.

Heart Ship;The quest for forbidden love.
A true story written in fiction consisting of multiple parts. Enjoy Heart Ship! The quest for a forbidden love. The parts found here, are approximately 500 words long.

The Cursed Diary
A story of a man being sucked into a story in a writers diary. Grown from a challenge to what you read here. Also the introduction of McSniff. Enjoy your read of The Cursed Diary. Each part of this story is around the 1000 words.

The Fishy Lighthouse
The second story of McSniff and his newly found sidekick William who are going on a new adventure to solve yet another mystery at a fishy Lighthouse. Still on going and with a 500 words per part easy to read.

My challenges
Challenges and maybe future stories to build on. Most of these have a word count of around 500-750, keeping them small for a quick read.

Sensual Sunday Stories
Short sensual stories to heat up the Sunday. Enjoy the read of sex and forbidden pleasures that may contain explicit language or extreme graphical fantasy. Now also multi chaptered. Each of the parts are about a 500 words, keeping them short for the quick Sunday read. Exception are the single stories.

Single stories
Experimental stories and flashes with new themes I tried to explore or just the single story of picking my brain.

A small section still being under construction where I will gather my poetry

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©2013-2016 T. Boejé

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