One comment on “Monday Moaning: Preaching Fanatics!

  1. When I think of a preaching fanatic, those evangelicals who talk all that fire & brimstone at their tent revival meetings come to mind.

    But yeah, it seems these days EVERYONE is some kind of a fanatic. There’s the exercise crazies, who have to run 30 miles a day; the diet crazies who cut out sugar this month and meat next (what DO they eat…they just flap their gums about how healthy they are); the “I make all my own clothes” people out in Williamsburg; the “I quit my job and my social life so I could sleep in the bed with my child & breast feed him well into his teen years” contingency.

    I love my mobile devices because they allow me to keep my ass glued to the couch. I’m too fucking lazy to be any kind of a fanatic.

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