9 comments on “Thought of the day! May 23, 2016

  1. Are they?, What is the truth?. There is a saying in india that ‘There is no truth, there is only perception’. Well that depends upon what do you define as truth, as king dhanananda said.

    “What is truth?, Person who yells the loudest or what more people think the truth is?”

    As you can see, it depends upon the definition of truth. And i’ll tell you that defining truth is not that easy.
    Angry Crow as i am new to blogging and writhing i will like your thoughts on my post about death and plz tell me if i made any mistakes.


    • The truth is out there. But see it as a seed underneath a pile of lies and misconceptions.
      It depends on religion as well on what truth is.
      Truth is I need a keyboard to write this thought. But the facts can easily be altered over time. Thus hiding the truth.
      It is a concept only we humans have for some reason.

      • Of course there is physical truth. But what about philosophical truth?. What about the truth about truth. If i say that rock in front of me dosent exists then it will not exists for me. There is saying that “You can awake an sleeping person but you cant awake a person who is pretending to sleep”.
        Let me explain –

        If someone think that they are sick even if they are not, They will truly feel sick by placebo effect, or other way around. We perceive the world with our five senses, So our truth will always revolve around those senses.

        How will I know that i am existing?, What does it mean to exists?, How do i know that people around me see the world as i do?, Heck how will i ever know that other people exists?.

        As an good friend i will tell you my experince.

        I never gone to school or colleague because eduction system never fit my style of learning, i was discriminate by students or teachers alike because “Well there are many resones”. I soon fell in depression and started to saw the people around me as bad and always trying to hurt me(Those were bad 8 years).

        But today i dont see the world that way, Even today i dont have any friends but i have grown up from my depression(Mostly). Truth changed for me since my childhood.

        My point is that we are limited in our understanding of universe. And i personally think that truth is what we perceive to be true. Even almighty science has to change his understanding of universe time to time. So for now truth is dynamic.

        Thanks i am not saying that quote is wrong, In its context it is right. In the end.

        “All we can do is to learn from each other to replace the our current understanding of truth with better one” – AnimeIndina.

        Thanks i learned many things today.

        • By philosophy we create rules based on perception and knowledge that we than can be seen as truth.

          The thing is you can say the rock is not there, you will still bump your toe against it.
          It might be the same reason why the bible came to be. Someone trying to explain through a philosophy how the world came to be.
          The truth with that is created as such yet the whole truth we will not know.

          In the end the truth is buried under our misconceptions and none-truths we think are truths.

          Beside all that is what you mentioned also important, every written piece is considered truth, though it is open to the imagination and misconception thus ever changing. That does not take away the fact there is no truth or absolute truth if you will. One we might never know or find.

          I will have week of these thoughts. so keep them coming those thoughts.

          • Oh now i understand what are you trying to say. Sorry i was thinking about philosophical truth not the physical truth. I got an good idea for my next philosophical post Thanks.


  2. The truth (well, MY TRUTH) is I don’t ascribe to any religious faith. What I believe isn’t printed in the Torah, the Bible, or the Koran. My beliefs are mine alone.

      • Oh I don’t believe everything I read. I read The New York Post & New York Daily News, and find both papers very entertaining (gossip columns, the Post’s “Weird but True” column) but do I consider anything written in the papers to be a gospel truth…NO.

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