3 comments on “Monday Morning: Sports War!

  1. Some how the Olympics seemed different this time around. Not as world encompassing. The booing crowds…unheard of in the past. Maybe next time….

    • I am hoping. And like you I know they happened it was unheard of. But one cannot deny the passions of the athletes.
      The crowd is the crowd and always biased to favour one more than another. But what happened on the field is where we should take a closer look.

      That said, I know of fathers kicking referees when their team lost. I seen the athlete knock down a referee for being unfair in their eyes. But that is an issue that is escalating.

      Norms and values are blurring.
      It is why I wrote this. we need to reconsider. ANd the Olympics have been the reason for me to do so.

      Thank you heart for sharing your thoughts.
      Maybe next year. Maybe previous years can be a better example.
      Big hugs..

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