7 comments on “Monday Moaning: Social Sex!

  1. I talk about sex a lot with friends. I probably have a reputation for it now, lol. But most people will open up about it if someone else does first. That’s always me. 😄

    • That is true still many do not like it and still holds some taboo.
      One could argue that there is to much sex around us.
      But it is worth a discussion and I am happy to hear your thoughts on this.
      Open up and share what you know. haha thank you so so much

      • I agree that there is too much unhealthy sexualization of children and unhealthy sex in general–rape culture, etc. I think the way to combat that is to make the subject less taboo. I am on a mission( not really, ha) to dispel the myth that women don’t like sex and it’s their husbands who always want it etc. Girls get this message so young. If you like sex, you must be a slut. It’s horrible and untrue. I’m sure I have challenged a few people’s views of me by openly declaring my love of sex. 😄

        • Totally understand that statement you are trying to make.
          I for one do know women like sex just as much as the next guy.
          We are all sluts but there is nothing wrong with asking how to suck cock or lick pussy the right way.
          Still we are ashamed to admit we can’t do it right.

          Love it have it. sure enough the extra message would be do it with trust. (something that is lacking a lot and even noticeable with in the BDSM scene) Which might also be the reasons cases of rape are exploding. (50 shades did not help)
          But those are assumptions.

          😀 declare and carry on.

          • I give cock sucking advice often, lol. Not that I’m an expert but I like it whereas some friends need a little help to be enthusiastic about it.
            And yes. We need to get to a point where sex is given the light it needs to stop being this dirty little secret. It’s important, and not to be done without thought but it’s also not this sacred secret religious thing to be saved and only spoken about with a spouse.

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