3 comments on “Monday Moaning: Restricting Protocols!

  1. How wonderful it would be to free of controls…most of us would be fine upstanding human beings doing out own thing, harming no one. Then again others would create havoc, chaos, riots! It’s a pity that the dark ages brought this plague of authority upon us, they just couldn’t behave themselves.

    • I think it started way before the dark ages, but the rotten apples will always be a part of humanity. We have greed in our DNA or so it seems, just like jealousy.

      Utopia is all but a dream and even the one on Telly was ruined by the fact of money.

      I know we need rules in some extent but we are making rules with hundreds of exceptions and rules to rule over them. Only confusing the fuck in our brain. We could make it simpler again.

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