6 comments on “Thought of the day! July 05, 2016

  1. Growing up, my mother always told me the world (the world outside of our family) saw me as prey, that EVERYONE was a predator. So for a long time I was oblivious to the fact that we’re connected.

  2. Would that not also be linked to how much love you’ve been sharing (give and take)? How positive their perspective is. Also, how much the person has been and is influenced by everything (environment, etc) and everyone around.

    Closer to home… I do notice that the community/people in the 2010s are way different from people back in the 90s or early 2000s. I’m not saying that there aren’t enough emphathy and love, but, people tend to be colder, “in their own world” aka egoistic or need to be the focal point or crave for things that used to be done more freely back then, as if everyone else should not even be in the proximity of their comfort zone radius. It’s not fine to smile at strangers, not exactly because of shyness, but, due to that certain wall that people build unknowingly, because everyone else around you does, as well.

    An example, although there was racism been shown by 2 people when I was in UK earlier this year, I brushed it off because they had SO MANY sweet people around, smiling and speaking so nicely to me, compared to extreme rarity of people, who’d randomly be nice (doesn’t have to be directed to me, but, at the very least to someone who is less fortunate, who happens to be around me at that moment of time or would be nice if more people around would’ve been nicer). Not because someone told you to do so, but, because you naturally want to do it, sincerely. You can hear and know the difference in that. That moment when you realise that the society you’re in is actually “dead”. o.O

    • It is not so much as the love we share. It is our upbringing that we are all unique and different and as such need to emphasise that. Making us blind what connects us.

      We are not colder but more surrounded in our own little world. And I think it fair to say that world is online more than anywhere else. Disconnecting us from human interaction. The sharing of warmth and glances. Hugs and yes love. Though we already had our space so to speak. It grew bigger as our life got bigger online since that is where we connect.

      This web is just that. You know of “treat people how you yourself want to be treated”. Yet people shoot each other for any reason or differences. We are human above anything else, if only we were able to see that far. We people and Me included as I do have my moments are to short sighted and only think of me, my space, my world.

      Thank you so much Icesabel, Always enjoy reading your thoughts as they help me grow in hopefully a more understanding person. And share with you mine.

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