3 comments on “Monday Moaning: Individual Unity!

  1. I enjoyed reading you thoughts on this. I am not in Europe and have no idea how this will effect the people there but it has certainly hit us hard in the markets here. I understand the need to control borders, unfortunately it has become necessary to control the flow at some point, How sad for the refugees searching for a place to be. The NRA is a apparently an insurmountable lobby here in the US, they have paid Rep. Sen. John McCain 7.8 million dollars to date, that money is not for nothing. I am for the 2nd amendment, but rejecting regulations to insure they do not find their way legally into the hands of suspected terrorists is insane and in a world where so far one should not find the need to defend themselves on a large scale, they should be banned to the public. It’s the wild wild west over here.

    • Thank you thank you for your wonderful thoughts.
      If me personally I say ban guns. We should not have to protect ourselves. There is no need to arm ourselves if we stop violence period. This is however unlikely since we almost always revert to violence. I totally agree.

      As for the UK. Why do we react or does the market react like that. Out of fear and its fear of not knowing what will happen as they make it happen themselves. It is the self fulfilling prophecy. If we did not make a fuzz over it, we might have reacted differently. There should not have been a reaction, why did they not support it? It would have proven a better understanding and cooperation than shunting them and placed in a corner.

      As for refugees. That is the media talking to make them look bad for their actions (market plummeting blame it on the brits) But the refugee problem makes the rest of the world look better. as the more important fact is that the British Government was controlled by the European to say it bluntly. A UK voice had no say in what happened in Europe. That is the upsetting part. And my view as well.

      Though I choose my own government, they have to listen to the European Union. And there it was the word of two sometimes three. Where the rest just follows like sheep on which we had nothing to say.

    • It is just that sorry, I had an epiphany or something like that. Understood the 2nd amendment. Dumb ass me.

      It has as far as I can follow the politics been an issue. And the camps are a simple yes or no fucking way. And whatever plan is made to have some control is swept of the table. WHY? How hard is it to try and find a solution. Like I mentioned. I think money talks instead of listening to the people and those hearts. It is a shame that some try to govern or get elected with a dumbass for a head and a greedy brain.

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