8 comments on “Thought of the day! May 26, 2016

  1. The Internet was made to liberate us? From what? We’ve become slaves to our devices, checking our Facebook status after sex, needing Wi-Fi in the car.

    • Foolishness. it was designed to increase knowledge and make us smarter or at least help us.

      That was the idea. Share information. SOLID information.

      And precisely what you mentioned has happened. Internet confirms our foolishness.

      It is precisely made to have you think remember. It is a tough one.

    • It is not a bad thing to learn, but when we need proof of facts the internet is still and only a virtual world. How real is everything written on there.

      When millions of people have a different opinion on a single subject, how do we know which one to learn from.

      It is at least important to keep questioning the answer you find.

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