12 comments on “Thought of the day! May 19, 2016

    • This could well be you Love.
      Focussing only on bad and not to love that little that is good about you.
      But even so there are people jealous of you as animeindian opted.
      There are always people hating for the smallest of reasons.

      So let them take over and love yourself sexy. I am certain you got it all, you just looking the other way.

      Big hugs and XX

    • Well that is certainly a possibility.
      I take it as a way of knowing that whatever I do there will be a hater. But can you at least try and live beside me.

      It is but a small nuance and I love to see your insight become reality. Thank you.

  1. Loving ourselves is very hard, and people who love themselfs are always found in front of the race because they are free from regrades. and people who are free of regrades are always hated for their tension free lifestyle, not to mention they are ahead of everyone-else so they also attract jealousy of others. also people think that they dont care about the world at all because of their free nature.

    because of all above resones people hate people that love themselfs. (probably)

    • Not sure if people who love themselves are without regrets. Since most still opt to choose the physical appearance above anything else.
      The loving yourself can be looked at from those two perspectives. And true enough it adds envy.

      The mental state of people sort of dictates to find flaws and hate them in others if we find ourselves perfect or still in search of perfection.

      Than there is the one that loves themselves just enough to make a change and they are hated for doing so again.

      Religion, colour, sexe, each has something for us to love and be proud of ourselves but is hated by those who think of others being inferior.

      Thank you for a well thought out thought.

    • I think the word WHILE changes the entire setup.
      To hate does not mean you are doing so. As when you change it to WHILE you really already do hate me.

      We trigger hatred with the smallest of ideas that come to mind. Always enough to hate not said we would have to be hating.

      Thank you for sharing the thought.

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