5 comments on “Thought of the day! May 03, 2016

  1. That depends on what is the wealth?

    Let us assume that overall wealth is declining and wealth is simply currency means dollars.
    also assumeing that the total resources in the world will remain constant .

    If only currency is decreasing then one will have enough wealth because amount of resources are constant if currency supply decreases then hyperinflation will occour. Even though people will have less currency that currency can buy more stuff, so yes people will not be poor but wealth will remain

    But if resources are declining then people will be poorer even their currency increses.

    Defining wealth is not so easy it can be many things. And defining rich and poor is even harder.

    I live in india my father have salary of Rs.40000 and we are middle class, thats about 602 dollar in USA and minimum wage in USA is 1000 USD that is consider poor in USA but in indian if a person have 1000USD (aka Rs.60000) is consider rich.

    So you can understand it is very hard to know the difference between rich and poor.
    Nice tricky Q though.

    • Well I am so happy to see it triggered thoughts. it is precisely that.
      What is wealth and it sure differs whether one asks a rich or poor person.
      It could be money and we know there is enough to get around for everybody ye it accumulates in one spot.
      Like a scale it tips one side.
      But as one on minimum wager and know what it means to have nothing I am still a wealthy person when on thinks of friends and family.
      Tricky is good, it helps us not to become simple minded. It is okay to wreck your brains and come up with an idea that is your own.

      Than you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. It’s funny you ask this question today. Last night me and a couple of friends of mine where having a conversation about just this topic. One observed that a majority of wealth is held by a handful of people. This prompted me to comment, “why would anyone need that much money.”

    Wealth is simply the accumulation of money, money is just numbers and numbers never end. So anyone who desires the accumulation of money will never have enough. The people who desire the accumulation of money, and as it is, love money, care about one thing, making their number bigger. Poverty is something that they do not think about, nor do they care about.

    In response to Cara.
    I will start by saying that I do agree with the spirit of the comment but there is another reality to that premise.
    People who are only interested in accumulating money are in love with money and do not care about anything else. Money can in fact buy you the best of health care. And it really can buy you out of real trouble. I will site OJ Simpson as an example to that comment.

    As for me, well I do not have a lot of wealth, but I have a very close family who would do anything they could to help each other, I have a few close friends and my health is not the greatest, I am diabetic but other wise fairly good. And I try to live a slightly adventurous life within my means. All this makes my life feel rich.

    • A true coincidence. But what does wealth mean when the rest is in hunger. At some point it will stop and only a handful have something they can’t share with anyone.

      I agree I think we are richer than those who sit on their cash.

      Thank you Forrest it is always a great pleasure having your thoughts shared here.

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