2 comments on “Monday Moaning: Happy Ego!

  1. Here in Adelaide, we get such biased news. It’s all about what’s happening locally, the only things that matter in our city. Ie, football or some gripe with a local business. International news is only of importance if they can trace it back to Adelaide. I’ve stopped watching local news for this reason.

    And yes, it is upsetting the way we prioritise celebrity for things that matter. True art sits by the wayside in favour of reality celebrities. It’s well worth a moan over!

    • Well locally I could understand as the paper would be very thin if they didn’t.
      But here it is even in a nation wide paper. The newspaper of this country. The international news etc.

      It is worse when you think something like a CNN would only discuss sales on holidays like Christmas, new year, Easter and the end of Ramadan.. (here it is not called CNN but still)

      And yes I will moan, it is fun to express and hope for an answer.

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