2 comments on “Thought of the day! May 21, 2015

  1. Nope life isn’t always perfect, this week I’m being told my shower room is leaking into downstairs and her ceiling needs repainting, I already spent £105 on a plumber who says the leak isn’t from me and under my shower is dry, he spent two hours checking all my pipes and radiators etc. The insurance has a £750 excess on water damage! But I wouldn’t do a blog post about it even though I feel miserable about it.

    I don’t think social media is fake, I think in my case its just a memory journal of things im willing to share.

  2. I feel social media is not fake but rather a filter. People seem happy there because they post mostly the best of their days. In that respect calling it a mask is very true. They try to sugar coat as to look like every thing is perfect.
    Maybe this makes them happy.

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