2 comments on “Thought of the day! May 13, 2015

  1. I have not looked at this statement in the way you are saying. Usually I think of it as coming clean of something with some one, either revealing a secret you have kept from them or confessing a lie. In this case the truth is setting you free from your own conscience.

    Having such a truth revealed to you by some one else is most likely to piss you off and I can understand that side of it as well.

    • Well the receiving end will be pissed for sure. It is this that makes it interesting how one reads the same sentence.
      Living in truth with the truth is not setting one free as one might think. It is isolating and creating walls for example.
      Knowing you done wrong pisses you off, you knew and did it any way. and it will only be freeing if it is excepted and we usually do not accept hurt.

      It is fun to look at something with a different eye. Thank you for sharing your thoughts

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