5 comments on “Music Friday: Aida!

  1. This is fabulous. I haven’t seen this opera and now I want to. You have done an excellent job I’m sure Verdi would be intrigued and thrilled his work inspired you, as it did Elton John and Tim Rice who created a musical called Aida. It’s lovely to catch up with you ☺️

    • The musicals are a bit more mellow and understandable, unlike Opera.
      I think the language barrier is what scares people of the most.as does the classic music. It is a fabulous piece I think and worth a listen.
      It has been to long Dear Charlotte. May the heart sing forever. xx

      • Then I must work harder to share my love of this music ☺️. I’ve just finished a contemporary modern short opera in English, I think you would have enjoyed it, all my family did and for many of them it was there first opera experience.

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