11 comments on “Thought of the day! March 06, 2015

    • Being selfish is not always a bad thing. But doesn’t happiness come from sharing or bringing happiness. Just thinking of me does not make me happy. seeing happy makes happy. BUt guess that makes me hopeless but still dreaming.

        • immediate or not is it truly self inflicted? or is it self made. Or was another indirect event the trigger like a drug would be or a simple smile.

          I still don;t think it is a selfish act. as it becomes shared. Immediately creating happiness around.

          • Where there is “many”,(this is not a gramatical mistake “there is many” ) there is in all likelihood a great chance for happiness, agreed. I just don´t think that Happiness can be “created”…instead “received” when not expected 😉

          • i think i should have said achieved. I noticed that after sending.
            And when received it is not selfish. as it is also given.

            I thank you for a grand conversation and thought exchange.
            I liked your thinking

    • Maybe we are but god things can come from that. Just never give up on creating smiles around. Or so I try.
      To dream is to wish to wish is to think to think is to solve and create new dreams.

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