2 comments on “Thought of the day! January 29, 2015

  1. I saw a pic online stating something like “why are we paying for everything on earth if it’s for free on the first place”. Greed is something people develop throughout the centuries. It becomes a vicious cycle and strangles everyone else in it. Some people actually has greed as their main core reason of living. The rest thinks that it’s never enough. Some were born and taught into these values.

    Then, there’s a smaller percentage of people who understand that being rich at heart and happiness means being rich, rather than one who greeds and hoards over cash and nothingness that brings in sickness of the health.

    But, if everything was free, I think that it would still bring chaos into the world. Only because greed is still present in people.

    Why it’s there takes a lot more understanding about each individual and how their lives went.

    • It does not have to be for free, but fair would be better. Just an unfortunate aftermath that greed is causing. We will find a way I think one way or another we need to, or else we do have people suffering for nothing.

      As always thank you so much for you input and thoughts.

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