2 comments on “Monday Moaning: Food Works

  1. Mr Thomas often talks about how he can’t find an apple like the ones he used to get growing up in England. I certainly haven’t tasted an apple like the ones that used to grow on my mother’s tree.

    Food has been modified for the masses. What grows quickly, what tastes sweetest, what lasts the longest on the shelves. Everyone has a go at wheat and how white bread is bad for you, but if our bread was made with the wheat we used to have, until it was engineered to provide larger husks and more of them, it wouldn’t be as bad for you.

    So many foods ‘pop up’ with announcements that they are the new ‘super food’ yet in reality they are simply foods we were all eating long ago before commercialism. Give it a few years and these ‘superfoods’ will not be so super; they’ll be engineered for quantity, with the result being all the goodness has been sucked out of them.

    We’d all love to grow our own food to get around this, but in reality the seeds we buy are genetically modified, heritage seeds are hard to come by, the cost of water in Australia (particularly south australia; we pay more for water than anyone in the world) makes it unfeasible, and a lot of us don’t have the time to maintain enough of a patch to provide for our households. So it seems we’re stuck with the shit supermarkets sell us.

    • I understand Mr Thomas I to miss my Granny. It is a shame either way and if only we were able to help each other a little better.
      A shame we are so controlled huh. Thank you for your wonderful input Missy.

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