2 comments on “Monday Moaning: Dating Science

  1. There’s NO WAY science could ever calculate who would be our best partner. Love is TRULY a universal mystery. Even those old couples who are 90 years old and have been with their partner for the last sixty-five years even say that a little luck has gone into their marriage. This is EXACTLY why I’m a truly believer in soulmates. If Love made sense then the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high and there wouldn’t be so many broken people or broken hearts. …Excellent discussion in your head Crow. Pretty deep for a Monday though…don’t you think? hahaha 😀

    • Well Just comes to show this brain is working every hour of the day.
      And I agree science cannot replace a good conversation and chemistry. But is that not what dating services claim. They can. Are they not using their own scientific ways.

      We will never know but it is how we portrait ourselves by putting our lives online for others to match up with. Thousands of people can view your profile but nobody knows you in the real world. I think science is taking it to far.
      If ever a change I like to know people in the real world.

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