4 comments on “Monday Moaning! Changing Thoughts

  1. I so agree with this!

    Isn’t it funny that the greatest advancements are always in war technology? There are people out there thinking about things that will make wars easier to fight. Or make bringing down planes easier.

    At the end of this month, we’ll be flying to the UK on Malaysia Airlines. We’ve been offered a free cancellation, but I think those poor bastards need all the support they can get. The Malaysian economy will nose dive without that airline.

    • It is almost as if war is self sustaining or somewhere there are people funding it, it is ridiculous.

      That they even considered making that offer. like they are prying on fear Without even considering the after shock their actions might produce. That faith can be ruined so easily. in a company or plane or people. I am with you I would not have cancelled either.

      Thank you so kindly Missy Thomas for sharing your thoughts one this.

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