2 comments on “Monday Moaning Change Adaptation

  1. Scuse” me, would you have change for a dollar please. 😉

    Ok had to get the funny side of me out of the way first.

    Have to say that this has made me think, I like it when something makes me think it keeps the cobwebs from building.

    Change vs adaptation may be as big of a question as nature vs nurture. My feelings are quite simple actually. Adaptation comes from outside sources, the taller buildings and using elevators making us lazy is a great example of this. Change comes from inside ourselves. To use the lazy elevator users as an example, having gotten used to using the elevators all the time change would be deciding to use the stairs instead for no other reason than because it is a personal desire.
    This may be over simplified but sometimes boiling a thought down to its simplest factor is a good way to go.

    • Well happy to oblige on the removal of cobwebs.
      You are so right as to say think simple. But in thee also lies so many questions.

      Our simple has become to remove the stairs. Or have others do the thinking steering. and even have them tell us how to nurture.

      This is how ever just a single day thought no studies have been followed not that any can be taken for truth

      Thank you for giving me some more thoughts to think of

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