9 comments on “Timmy’s Choice!

    • It is impossible to answer when a child has no notion of what is happening.
      Heartbreaking indeed but there is no wrong answer either when it concerns a child.
      tried to keep his innocence alive.

      Thank you for the lovely comment.hope one day we will do better.
      Be well and keep smiling

  1. Ohhhh I thought that was going a whole other way…that’s very sad 😦 Very evocatively written. I loved the detail in the shiny, swinging shoes…

  2. Ah from the eyes of a child. I do like how the first-person narrative matches Timmy’s age and actually feels like we are following him to court; it can be hard at times to fully capture a child character since it is easy for writers to lose sight of who they are writing and slip in words or observations that very few children would make. I enjoyed Timmy’s observations, particularly “a statue of a woman playing pin the donkey.” The interactions between him and the judge were also endearing. The story definitely left me wondering what happened to Timmy’s parents: Are they deceased or did they get involved in something illegal like meth? All in all it was a very good read.

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful and kind words.
      It is true the Parent part is missing, I blame the word count. I did however think it would not change the answer of an innocent child.

      Again thank you for reading and taking time to comment

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