4 comments on “Thought of the day! July 4, 2014

  1. …maybe we could reason balance with higher order ethical standards on what we love or what we hate and why… process a deeper self examination on our responses and what could be driving them and whether or not our position is sound ethically or unreasonable…
    …Ethics and Philosophy subjects could be beneficial if they were taught in schools by progressive open minded teachers… Although these teachers are currently in short supply precisely because these subjects have not been a staple in the curriculum…at least in my country.

    • Those are some interesting thoughts. tipping the scale of balance to right kind of balance.by changing norms and values. That truly is an interesting idea.

      Also to add Philosophy or at least free thinking to classes. Never studied it but always interested in the thinking ideas.

      You sure gave us some food for thought. Thank you
      Australian right? Would you consider them a bit close minded with out the open minded philosophy class or studies?

      • Australian culture in schools is all about uniformity, difference is embraced on the surface for political correctness reasons, but really, difference, disability, race, gender, class etc are not completely embraced. The educational aims are towards mono-culture not multi-culture ultimately to fulfill what was labour production requirements. The labour market no longer exists in Australia as it has been shipped overseas, hence the system needs to be quickly training the young to be innovators and thinkers otherwise a whole new generation of unconscious, non-reflexive, ignorant, unquestioning people without work prospects may unravel the state further.

        • That almost sound like they are trying to create an Utopia for the wealthy. And it surprises me that , From what I came to know, Australia is quitting the self production of things. They were usually very known about wanting control over everything. So yeah it surprises me they would get production overseas.

          But why keep up a façade or fake face. There are some very interesting things you are saying. Raising questions like how they would be able to maintain a mono-culture when there are at least 2 cultures present.

          And the thinkers they want are only one sided? To be innovating one needs an open mind and from what you said that is a conflict they are creating. when creating a single uniformity

          But wow that is some deep thinking right there. Thank you for your thought and exchanging them with me. very interesting.

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