6 comments on “Monday Moaning! Economics of Science

    • I won’t go that far, but Mother earth has thrown different cases of viruses our way. earth or nature is all about balance. and we are pretty much screwing it up..

      Out world has a way of keeping balance. but the more we tilt it the worst the counter will be from our mother. So to speak.

  1. So many tangible dualities at work creating balance inside of chaos and it’s always hard to say if the things we have done have worsened or lessened our time in the universe. I sure don’t love all the creations that is for sure but some of them are kind of cool 🙂

    • Ooh as a gadget freak I do think some are cool, I do ask why we need such item?
      It is a crazy world and good to sometimes stop and think about it. Their still isn’t a gadget out there to save us or our problems. that is still on us

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