9 comments on “Dating out of sight!

  1. Yeah.. We live in this pitiful era.. Don’t we?

    Well, I don’t remember hearing these during my time but I did used to go to mirc back when it was the “in thing”. That was how I actually “met” my other half a decade ago. Although I didn’t even want to talk to him when he messaged me in friendster until he played the same mmorpg I was in at that time. Same concept, different place.

    I guess everyone would’ve heard how some gamer couples initially meet, right? Lol

    • Oooh i dated through the chat but we still took time to get to know each other. And gaming yeah been there to..ha ha gosh Unreal Tournament. wow the nights i spend in there
      Ha ha to funny how times is changing.
      Now we let science tell us who our partner would be

  2. Why am I not Dutch? Today bi women excite me and although I work I can manage 🙂 Oh no wait! I’m to busy to talk because of work. I need a computer woman to flirt with. It’s such a great piece on how society is redefining social norms!

  3. I believe in many circumstances, the blogging community offers a lot of the same you described above, but without the fees.

  4. Yeah, if she’s too busy to find ‘love’ (you do t find love, you find a mate whom you grow to love, but they’ve got tot get their catch phrases in) then she’d be too busy to commit to a relationship.

    We are bombarded with those commercials, too. Just drumming it into the single folk that you mustn’t die alone. I hate them.

    • I know they are doing your head in with those silly reasons.

      And he he somehow i think you might be right we will never have any time any more for relationships with our thumbs to busy on phones 😀

      Thank you so much Missy Thomas for sharing your thought. Love it.

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