11 comments on “Thought of the day! January 28, 2014

  1. In my personal opinion, it will converge into one and the same eventually because to love life is to love everyone, and to love everyone is to love life. One cannot be without the other 🙂

    • But that does depend on the definition of the word Life.
      One can be selfish and just think of oneself only.

      And thank you so much for you sharing your thought and opinion.I do love it very much.

    • Well there is nothing wrong with thinking that. I do try to provoke thought. And being happy can be part of it.
      Thank you for passing by and leaving your thoughts. They are well received and very much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. This was my “motto” growing up. I wrote it on everything and everywhere. Knowing my personality as you do, it should be no surprise that I fall more on the side of Live to Love. Love is my ultimate goal — whether it is to love my family, love my friends, love having sex, love flirting, love to cook, love drives me. I can’t say I always embrace Love to Live — because sometimes life just sucks. Do I love everyone? NO!! Do I try to respect everyone? Yes, I try. 🙂 Just my penny’s worth of a thought.

  3. I have my days when I feel like I am living to love. I usually put others before myself, and some days it takes its toll on me. But I try to live my life loving to live and finding the good in everything.

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