8 comments on “Pay up convict!

  1. That they all become the new public cleaners, sweepers, and make sure that all streets, public amenities are well scrubbed and cleaned. As for how to ensure that they don’t run off while on their cleaning jobs? There is a electric anklet placed on both their ankles. The minute they run or move from a certain mile radius, they get electrocuted instantly, and die. Yes, it is harsh but sometimes it has to be brutally harsh to stop inmates from even entertaining the thought of escaping. That’s all I have got. Sorry it isn’t helpful. It is a real issue affecting every country too.

  2. Dear Crow,
    One moment I must place my rant box right here…Okay I’m on. I’m an advocate of the death penalty (Gee I hope I don’t loose any Friends & Followers) I just can’t understand how one can take a life and violently I might add, and not pay it forward by their life. So what they sit behind bars until they are in their 80’s? Although I have not researched or investigated the cost of a prisoner in other countries, I have watched my fair share of National Geo prison. I saw, please don’t quote me Russia I believe had more men per cell then the room could accommodate, and the food was a lump of stale bread and a huge tall pot with a liquid that was white and after it was stirred it was orange. I know my comment may sound cruel, and that it not my intent. Now I believe that currently the state of Florida pays more money within the prison systems than on education for our children. Please don’t quote me I didn’t fact check. You get my meaning.
    Why do you think as a prisoner you should be entitled to anything. Crime does not pay, so why am I.
    Stepping down okay off rant box.

    • Now on some occasions i would say death penalty. cruel yes.But our judging system sucks in many ways.
      Having a convict pay for his stay is a nice way to take away some costs. but in order for them to be able to pay they need work. Our system they will try implementing a debt for live. In other word they will have to pay back even after getting out.
      Second it is a crime in it self to pay more to prisons than schools.
      Some people just throw up a ball with out thinking consequences.
      I thank you full heartedly for your comment..and no you did not loose a friend.

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