10 comments on “Thought of the day! January 3, 2014

  1. light is such a fascinating subject. I don’t know anything about it’s weight…but a new study came out in 2013 that found evidence which challenged the traditionally held belief that the speed of light is constant. The findings suggested that the speed of light varies which if it is true; could change thousands of previously held theories and beliefs.

    • I have been following up on that.. That gravity of planets may effect the trajectory and such. It has been thought of i believe since 2010 even. Interesting subject to say the least.
      It would because we use the light as to measure time. it would be a revelation and a Galileo. unheard of and what not..

      • exactly…because if the speed of light varies and is not constant; then the entire age of the universe that scientists adhere to comes into question. in fact; there would be no verifiable way to know the age of the universe now.

        • I am smiling because it will bring up the old discussions we had before and we still have not settled.
          Thought If that theory is correct. We can still assume that the used light. the one without obstructions of gravity and thus takes the shortest of time to reach a point in time can be used as an average and will keep the age close to the same. if it was right that light took longer it will only say the universe is older than we thought. But that is theory 😀
          So cool don’t you agree..

          • hmmm…..for me, the findings lead me to think that there’s simply no way for us to know what life ‘used to be like’….I’ve read essays that suggest that light has been slowing down over the years, and still others that refute that theory….the bottom line is that we simply can’t know unless someone builds a time machine…..and time machines; well that is something I’m really interested in. I’ve read a number of scientific theories that hypothesize the possibility of building a device that lets us look back in time; like watching tv…obviously we ourselves couldn’t go back in time; but what if it were possible to build a devise that somehow reorders the traces of atoms and molecules in order to create a picture of the past……

          • That would be phenomenal but does that not include getting a good read on “time’ which is in my opinion nothing more than a men’s creation.

            We already know light can bounce.. so somehow it does need to have a mass.

            The last theory of that boson particle is the same. proofing mass wasn’t it.

            We cannot tell how it al went. we won’t know the truth. Even more so people have a tendency to erase that what they felt is wrong. it is by far a great theory that questions every thing we know. down to the last detail.

          • perhaps ‘time’ travel isn’t a good term for it;

            molecule recreation….in layman’s terms; we know that everything leaves an imprint; if you walk through a room your shoes change/distort the area of the floor that they touched….so the hypothesis is what if it were to possible to recreate ALL of the molecules and atoms in a room in such a way that we were able to watch what occurred previously….there are a ton of highly scientific sites on the NET about this and I’m not smart enough to give you the physics of it…i simply understand the big picture theory of what they are suggesting.

          • I get that to but the read is so interesting. and even coming up with theories of my own on times.
            The recreation could well be usable.
            But how far back can one look. the imprints.it is time related again. for it will show more then one most likely. It would have to be measured by decay of the molecular structure left. but that would also insinuate that it will disappear And decay as we know it is told by the amount of time it takes. .

            if the possibility of the multi world theory exists as well. where In a moment we more than one world exists does that not going to interfere.

            Sorry but I love talking about this. as you can tell. love exchanging ideas learn form and be intrigued. by what others think. And I am street smart just love to learn. honestly thank you for your insight.

    • It is as one might interpreter. What if weighing by weight. Light could be a gram or Kilo. It is a way of measure.
      I like your answer.
      Thank you for for commenting.

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