7 comments on “Shot at education!

  1. On the note of kindergarten testing… all it is, is a simple run through of colors, basic shapes and recognition of the alphabet and numbers. In some districts, kids are given the option of Young 5’s in between preschool and kindergarten if they are not developmentally ready or behind in age-appropriate social skills. With the upswing of so many households with both parents working, preschools and daycare’s are preparing children much more quickly for academic education.

    As a former elementary and special ed teacher (and mom of a 10 and 12 year old), I know what it feels like to be on both sides of the fence. I will also say that schools nowadays are left too responsible for teaching young children basic things such as manners and appropriate social skills, as these are things not being taught or enforced at home.

    The behavioral issues in young children today entering kindergarten and elementary levels is astonishing. Growing up (I am in my early 30’s), I was not exposed to behavior problems in classrooms as a student myself until middle school and later (I attended many different schools by the time I reached high school, both parochial and public, just to give you an idea).

    It’s flabbergasting as a parent and former educator to see the prevalence today of easily avoidable behavioral problems that constantly disrupt the educational process in schools, as well as negatively impact other children’s behaviors that are exposed to witnessing it. Basic things that older generations were taught about respect and public behavior are definitely on the decline at alarming rates. Unless people wake up and realize the downswing we are caught in as a culture, which affects EVERYTHING, things will only continue to get worse for future generations…

    Great post and food for thought! =)

    • I agree with you on the behaviour of youngsters. but one could say it is because we push kids to sit and learn numbers and letters at age 5 no time to play and learn respecting differences which show more in play.
      If early in life one cannot get along with learning one is damned stupid even sooner. True we are sliding down. I done so in an post about bullying and aids in class rooms. But it is good to think about these things. Thank you so much for the read and a well thought out comment.

  2. Great post. Education is so important – I find it annoying when people think they can screw with a tried and tested method.

    I was educated in Australia, and Mr Thomas in Britain. The differences in our learning is staggering. You guys really do have a better system than here in Australia. It shouldn’t be messed with!

    • It is and they ruining it in my opinion. But guess we have nothing to say about the adults who think they know better. Lets hope we do keep getting smarter and not throwing it away.

      • Hope so! If we have kids our plan was always to move to the UK so they could be educated there – might not be an option if their system is just as shite as the Australian one.

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