5 comments on “Heart Ship! Log Entry 8

  1. I Love this. The calm and serenity after the storm. The ability to look forwards after leaving something so emotionally tormented behind. The sadness this invokes and a sense of loss but the wonder of nature that is always there to make us realise how small we really are and how we’re never really in control. All this is what was invoked in me from what you’ve written today. Thank you, Mr Crow.

      • You are very welcome. This story brings up things from my past. I mentioned last week that it’s emotive I felt it was nice to explain. Keep it up please 🙂

    • Still no dialogues but loving the flow I get in, every time I write a small part. These are my deepest feelings of a time almost forgotten. Hope I can keep it up.
      Thank you for reading this.

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