4 comments on “Hidden Darkness!

  1. Great post and nice insight. You’re right we all have a dark side. We’re human and human emotions are generally triggered throughout our lives. The key is to embrace who we are, to understand what makes us and mostly to accept the good, bad and ugly. I hope that you have enjoyed your weekend.

  2. “I cannot leave my anger on a corner.” You do not have to leave your emotions anywhere, as long as you know how to cope with them in a healthy way. I prefer to turn my back on anger as I do not like the feeling and would rather redirect my energy into a more positive channel, if possible. We all have dark sides that we must learn to accept and deal with, but there must always be a healthy balance, favoring the goodness in us always.

    • Thank you so much for the words given. They helped me find a piece I was missing. A perspective I had trouble expressing. Again I thank you for the words given. I try to learn why i get angry I think turning my back is denying and it doesn’t make the cause go away or at least understand.
      On the last bit; I agree I hope I am becoming a better me.

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