2 comments on “Hairless hare!

  1. That’s a cute story. Sounds very light and.. yeah.. like it came from a child’s story book.

    So, that’s how you write. Start, middle, end and then you fill in the empty spots in between. That reminded me of those times when my English teacher used to teach us one of the ways to write essays. Mine is more to finding a simple plot, something like a summary of the whole story. Then, I start writing down and it flows on without needing to think much.

    An invincible cheat-code for writing a story was being typed into my brain. (〜^∇^)〜

  2. Well there is more than one way. I see my story as a map. start points you want to visit and start writing getting out of traffic jams making detours and ending at the end.. and other times like his i just write with no real direction but it works. Thank you so much for the Comment.
    Another style is on my the Ben-toes page.

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