6 thoughts on “Thought of the day! October 7, 2013

  1. lukasak says:

    Ha, that’s so me!

  2. Icesabel says:

    I’ve been spending time off from gaming the past few weeks and just chilling and straightening a few issues and clearing some thoughts.

    I do start to feel rushed when something big happens or something reminds me that life is short and then, I would suddenly start to be afraid that I might not live to see the next day that I would do a lot of things at once. Maybe ’cause I’m scared of regretting not doing or saying something. >_<

  3. Ranting Crow says:

    Soon as you feel rushed, is exactly the time to stand still and have a breath before going on. It is what I do. I Never regret. If you do, you are questioning yourself. Stand up for the decision made. Good or bad. I can only speak for me of course. Live now, life is to short to keep caught up on bad decisions and unknown tomorrows.

  4. CeeLee says:

    Story of my life! :)

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