Thought of the day! July 31, 2014

After some thinking about all that bad news about people dying, I thought of this.

We should show the living the same respect we give our dead.

How do we treat our living compared to the dead. Give it some thought and maybe we can find some more love and respect for our neighbours. And vice versa.

The Fishy Lighthouse! 15

Welcome back for more McSniff this Lovely Thursday. We are following William and Richard home from dinner at the Kings palace that unfortunately was cut short by Lady Chambelle. Enjoy another part In the Fishy Lighthouse Adventure.

This week a kitty picture.

This week a kitty picture.

The Fishy Lighthouse! 15

Richard is trembling with fear and is picking the tip of his tail. William looks concerned and takes another quick peek outside. Two more cloaked individuals cross the path one holding what looks like a weapon. “Are you okay, Richard?” he asks with a silenced voice.

-“yeah sure I am. I mean not that I got kidnapped when in a carriage or anything. You know, I am fine just well concerned about Cynthia”

“It is okay Richard, it seems they are gone and no need to explain” The wheels started turning again and William was thrown back in to his seat. His mind has gotten occupied by the sound he heard. With his paws crossed across the chest he sinks into a deep thought. ’I know I heard a bark and the silhouette was not that of a cat, but I cannot be sure. The tail was too spikey as well. Maybe I can talk about this tomorrow with McSniff, maybe he will know. And then there were these three individuals wearing dark cloaks with hoods, hiding their faces. What does that all mean’

-“William? Will! We are here” Richard is waking up William who fell asleep thinking of what happened there on that path. “You can get off now; Cooky is pouring us a night cap”

“Oh wow I must have fallen asleep” William slaps his paws in his face. “But of course a drink, very well” With arms stretched to the sky his eyes look up and see the red skies turning a darker blue. Like a sportsman he rotates his hips, loosening up his joints from the long ride, in which he slept a little awkward. “Thank you for the ride guys” He shouts as the carriage is pulling away from the house.

Richard puts an arm around William and walks him towards the open door “hey William where were you with your thought?”

With a smile he answers “It was nothing just something I may have heard” and his hands wave it away into the air. “By the way is Lady Chambelle not home yet, and doesn’t Kitty always do the late evening drinks?”

-“Well she might have a good reason not to I guess, never really thought of that. Now that you mention it ever since that time you went away again she has been away with Cynthia quite a bit. Probably nothing, come.”

Both men walk inside the library where two glasses filled with amber liquor are awaiting them in shiny glasses with a diamond cut base. Like buckets hanging on silver handle from a beautifully crafted tail of a cats statue.

Richard reaches over and grabs a glass of the tail, letting the handle fall over his extended thumb nail. The glass is standing in the middle of his palm on those cushions. “Have a go at it Will” Richard turns around and sits on one of the seats near the fire place. With a careful approach William holds his hand underneath the glass and raises till the handle falls away from him and the glass is resting completely on his paw. With a smile he noticed the base being hollow and holding a shape to fit the centre cushion. Thought not getting the hang of it just yet he holds the glass on its own.

Richard is laughing and holds high his glass, “Cheers Will, lots to learn my friend.”

Both are smiling and enjoying their drinks when a door is opened in the hall.

To be continued…

Hope you enjoyed the read

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Ranting Crow

The unknown protector!


The Unknown Protector!

Adrenaline is rushing through our bodies. The hand holding my wrist is hurting with a vice like grip. My legs are running as fast as they can, finding it hard to keep up with the lady pulling me. I am barely touching the ground with them. We have been running for I do not know how long after we crawled through a fence. My knees scraped from falling on rocks and sand, tripping over branches. And every time she would pull me up grab my arm and ran again pulling me along.

“We need to go Daryl. Come on we only have 5 more minutes before he gets home” That is what she told me when she opened my cage. Her nails were chipped and broken, bleeding from the rims. Lila, she told me her name was and she would sneak over whenever she could reading me a story or give me something nice to eat. She was warm when she held me and carried me through a window. Her face as if she had seen a ghost or worse, the mascara dripping all over her cheek from tears cried. “Stay really quiet Daryl” she said before an instinct reaction she wrapped her body around me.

With a loud bang and cracking wood a door was opened and a loud scream from within the room reached our terrifying ears. “Where the fuck is that whore and the boy”

Now we are running into the darkness. Getting whipped by small bushes and trees that have their branches hanging down, we escaped that house. A shot fired and hitting the ground next to us. The bullet stirring up some sand as it dug itself into the ground. Trenches and rocks, up and down we ran to the nearest town.

In a small alley between two dumpsters we took some time to regain some of our breaths. Lila was nervous and alert at every sound she heard, looking around the corner to see if he would follow. Then she would just grab me by my shoulders and hangs a backpack in front of me. “Don’t ever lose this bag; keep it in front of you at all times. It has everything you will ever need in life. One day you will understand.”

Another shot ricocheted from a dumpster hitting her in the arm. Her agonizing scream of pain gave me chills down the spine. There was that grip again tighter even this time, but I could not scream. I could not get a word across my lips. Exhausted and scared we ran again from a man standing in the alley with the lights in his back.

In front of us a car stopped and I could only feel Lila wrapping herself around me. Her hands were embracing my head and ears, her breath hitting me in the back of my neck. “Whatever happens stay down and stay quit like a mouse, don’t move”


Her arms tighten around me and I feel her weight pushing down on me. My eyes can only get a glimpse of the surrounding. Tears blurring that vision even more. “Live Daryl and know mummy loves you” Her voice is fading into the town’s noises and shouts from men and woman and running feet. My body hits the cold water of a left over puddle.


Sweating streams I wake up now 25 years later age 29 still having these nightmares of that one night. Next to me on the nightstand stands a framed birth certificate found in that bag for a Dylan Freebird. Father Unknown, Mother Lila Gabriella Freebird. Never got to know my mum, but she saved my life.

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prompted-buttonsHope you all enjoyed reading the story inspired by this weeks Tipsy Lit Prompt. For this week’s prompt, our character must face a new beginning that is both the result of loss and new possibility. As per usual I exceeded the word count, I seriously need to work on that. Good thing still they are guidelines. As for the prompt let us just say; Life only just got started for the little boy and has enough opportunity for more story telling. You can find the prompt HERE. So join in on the fun.

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