Dying twice!


Dying Twice!

I rushed home as fast as I knew how. I know something is wrong I can feel it in my heart. Just as I reached the door I see her through the window, dropping the phone from her ear and burying her face in her hands.

Where are my keys? I cannot find my keys. Never forgot my keys before and now that I feel my pockets, my wallet is missing to. Without second thought my steps bring me to the back door.

Her cries start to be carried on the spring breeze and get louder across the back of the house. Neighbours gardening look up over their perfectly trimmed hedges. And it is our next door neighbour Michelle who comes running across the fragrant freshly cut grass, before I eve got close in taking the corner.

I rush inside, following the screams. Through the maze of kitchen cabinets and hallways to reach the living room Shocked I stare into the room.. Finding my wife sitting on her knees crying her heart out With the arms of Michelle around her.

“What is wrong? What happened?” asked in stereo as I walk over to comfort her. As she stepped away from our neighbour to the window. Her hands clasped in front of her chest.

She turns her face towards me but her eyes are staring far past me to Michellle standing behind me. “Greg died of a heart attack”

I stumbled on hearing her say that and fell through my wife out the window. Landing outside in a bed of daisies.

“My heart ached, I died a second time”

The End

©Ranting Crow2014

As you can see it is another death story. And a short one at that. Now it is true I have been tapping in the dark parts of the mind. Very much enjoying my writing and the idea that our out. Because of this I came up with a new story for upcoming Friday. It will be in pats and not sure when they will be released on here.

Tomorrow is McSniff day and I have a surprise for all of you. I also need some of your input on the surprise so I hope to hear your thoughts tomorrow to help me along just a little.

All and all I hope you enjoyed the read. Leave a thought or comment. I am after all still learning

Best Wishes
Ranting Crow

Life’s coat!

This was a poem written some time ago. And how one could look at life.
Again using just simple words that flowed from me onto the paper.
Hope you enjoy.


Life’s coat


I been around
a many years
wearing just
this single coat

Collecting water
from heavens rain
My trusty coat
keeps me warm

Dust attracted
through my time
stained with mud
he keeps me clean

Every drop poured ideas
simple grains of sand
keeping track of time
pockets full of desires

Now heavier
than ever before
aching, hunching over
he becomes a burden

Wishes seen
but one remaining
thanking showing respect
he who kept my memories

My trusty coat
A life’s companion
Holes start to form
Losing dreams of mine

Time has come
to leave him behind
at heavens waiting room
he was warm and worth it.

My soul my heart
like a worn down coat
Holding memories
of a wonderful life.

I will one day lay to rest
my tired body
with a smile
I Thank you

©Ranting Crow2014