Cracked Self

The trick is to keep breathing by Viveca Koh

The trick is to keep breathing by Viveca Koh. Click to visit.


Cracked Self

Not always honest with who I am

Hiding fragments of my true self

What magic is needed to light the dark

And cast away the shadows cloaking me

Not a candle flame is bright enough

To guide you past my defences

Of this strong covering shell.

In silence I cry for not telling the truth

Afraid I be torn apart by judgement

Like the images in a cracked mirror


Not always honest with who I am

Hiding fragments of my true self

What side am I showing to you


Standing before you deformed by a warp in time.

split in two by decisions made long gone past

left and right both needed to make me whole

I wish one could see me through the cracks of time

As one being, close to perfect,

the rejection of mine.


©Ranting Crow2014

Self image can differ every time we take a look at ourself, though most times, it is the rejections we see. Cracked like a mirror we crack ourself in fragments. Watching the deformed image as imperfect.

As for the artist who’s picture is up there. Giver her visit she has some amazing photography going on. Just click the Photo and you will be redirected to Viveca Koh’s site. You will not be disappointed.

Best Wishes
Ranting Crow

Monday Moaning! Selfish Bully


Monday Moaning! Selfish Bully.

Welcome, welcome to another of m Monday Moaning rants, venting or moan posts. It is good to blow of some steam and use what is read in the news or something other. The British Isles had some crazy news going on.

The Mole gang. A gang of thugs digging tunnels to rob ATM. It must take them on average 3 months or so the police states to dig them. That is 3 months work for a £6000. In Dollars that come around a $9000. Not using a calculator of some sorts. It is interesting though to see that thieves come up with old ideas to tackle the new ATM machines. How many men would work on this if they go for a machine every month. I do think they must be digging faster than stated as a shop alarm went of due to the vibrations. That does make you think?

Another story is one that maybe shows how desperate some are to be famous. Big Brother is still running big in Britain and is a way to success. Here is a lady with her nice big implants orange skin and thinking much of her self selected to be in the program. Down fall is, that she is like in season 2 of Dutch telly, Pregnant. Now I would be stoked, thrilled to become a parent. Well she opened up in “The Sun” Newspaper she will be having a pink Land Rover and a big house and lots of money that comes with being famous. That is if she losses the baby within a year.

Sure enough I know a pregnancy takes 9 months. And to her it has come in between getting famous on a show or be just another mum. Or so she must think. It makes me wonder how much fame is worth to a person like that. That is like being a bully to an unborn come to think of it. ‘you made sure mummy never got famous’ Ooh boy that would be a hard life. Now there some women have done that. And blaming their children for opportunity lost. But does that give a woman a right to end a pregnancy for fame. How Selfish is that.

Than there is the mirror of some ones fear on some one. Or maybe it is more than fear. Shame.

What is it with people looking down on others and telling them how to live their lives. Or how they should change. Why if we look a bit different there is always some out their going on about it. Has the perfect picture, if we can call it that been burned in our memories. Or into our retina.

Pretty sure we all had that once in our life. Just because we are different we get bullied. Or taunted maybe. And on other time we get treated to what is to be considered care. Caring for us. Usually done by friends and family.

Do they not understand we are not perfect. Can they not see we do not need or want changing.
What is wrong with walking in baggy black pants and jus a t-shirt. No need for the fashion police to arrest me on the street and haul me over. Why do they care how I dress. Or the friends or family that gave you up for the program. Sneaking behind your back to get you do things they think are necessary.

Does that not make them a selfish bully. Mirroring their image onto you. Wanting to make you come close to their perfect picture.. It is not yours, it is their idea.

So bullying is done out of jealousy and or to mirror a picture perfect onto someone. Or not comply to what is considered normal in a world.

Oh well just some ramblings of a selfish Crow to blow of some steam on this Monday.

Best wishes
Ranting Crow

Sensual Farm Day: The Interview 3

Welcome to the Sensual Sunday Story where we continue the Interview.Watching Wanda our City girl work on a farm.
The questioned asked today,is going to be… O I think you should read for yourself. May it be to your liking.


Sensual Farm Day: The Interview Question 3.

“Working the hose Peter, you even make it sound dirty” Wanda says with her lips curled up in a seductive smile.

-“Just connect it to that ring there” I look around the monitor and point at the connection. Soon as I hear her moan lifting the heavy hose I tap a few more numbers and walk over to help her. Her body bend in suck delicious way. The overall not the most flattering as her ass is hardly visible. Hearing the clicks of the ring had me stop and laugh “Gosh you done it all by your self”

“I am not that worthless for a city girl now” her tongues ticks out of her mouth. Her entire posture like a little girl taunting and teasing. Even her hands leans on her hip as she moves her chest forward.

All the while the calves moo behind the large sliding doors. “Shall we feed the hungry” I grab a smaller hose and a wheelbarrow to help me carry the dry food. With a squeak of metal on metal that leave a peep in your ear after, I open the doors. Straight away standing in the first part of the stalls with a row f nose licking, loud moo sound making calves.

To move to half of the row and laying and connecting the hose above me on a coupling “Come on Wanda. Or are you going to be standing there like a little girl in a animal shop, they are not puppies and most certainly no ‘my little ponies’. Just so you know”

5182d8e8a863e5cdf1527fe7c5ba7546I start walking around and filling the buckets with the milk. With every pull of the lever I fill them up to the line. The calf straight away starts drinking. The sounds of the pipes ticking and the calves louder then behind the door we try to talk.

“Wanda were you not here for a Interview, I can’t stand still I need to keep on going so come along. No wasting time”

-“Peter is your schedule always this tight, I mean early mornings. And what are you giving the calves?” Her hand reaches to a calf to pet him while drinking.

“DON”T touch..” I scream while decoupling the hose and taking it and the barrow with me to the second part of the barn.

Her expression is one of being shocked and flustered by my explosive reaction. “Sorry you cannot touch them, they funny creatures. They might get all frustrated and do funny things. Like breaking a leg. And that means less money” My routine continues with the second I reach the pipes to connect the hose to again. “Would you like to?”

-“can I? Yes please” How happy can a little girl be around those young animals. Her smile the twinkle in her eyes. I hold her tight around the waist as she hold the hose above the bucket, knowing the force can be a bit of a kicker.

“Braze yourself” I whisper close to her ear and she turns her head around. Making my heart beat a little faster as our cheeks touch. “Pull this lever and let the milk run into the bucket up to hat line”

With my nose in her neck I smell her fragrance. So fresh, so pure to me, the scent of the overall remembering me of my late wife.

©Ranting Crow2014

Well hope you enjoyed the small Sunday read I wrote for you.  Till next week as the heating the already warm barn is getting higher.

Best Wishes
Ranting Crow